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the amount of low bass energy this speaker can produce is astounding..

is up there with the established big boys, ATC, Genelec, PMC and the rest..

Hugh Robjohns optional, I would suggest imperative extra is on site analysis and alignment of the system..

the results were most impressive, exhibiting delicacy and presence conveying the subtle detail..that few boxed loudspeakers can equal

Ivor Humphreys

"there was absolutely no hint of either compression or distortion, just limitless power coupled with lightning speed"

David Allcock

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The Wide Boy is a versatile high quality sub woofer for virtually any application. These include domestic, studio, conference, schools, churches and live venues.

Eschewing traditional loading techniques, the Wide Boy is a single chamber aperiodically loaded design.

Benefits of aperiodic loading

The damped “ports” allow the cabinet to “leak” in a controlled manner. This enables the designer to create a much smaller and more rigid cabinet when compared to a traditional sealed or reflex box.


The driver/box resonance is substantially reduced resulting in a much easier job for the amplifier. The driver remains well damped throughout it’s operating range.


Harmonic distortion, when compared to a sealed box is substantially reduced.


A single chamber aperiodic design rolls off at 18dB/octave whereas a reflex design rolls more
steeply at 24dB/Octave.


When compared to a traditional reflex ported design, the Wide Boys have better transient stability, no port turbulence and much lower group delay.


But the Wide Boys have another ace…..!

As a stand alone design Wide Boy Sub Woofer is a premium quality product built in the UK.

The cabinet is 25mm thick throughout and the Eminence Kilomax driver is perfectly suited to the intended applications.


The relatively high Qts and Kevlar damped fibre cone combined with an Xmax cone excursion of 10mm give this loudspeaker a prodigious bass output ability. You may not wish to listen at levels that may easily exceed 125dB, but it’s low distortion performance at normal listening levels puts the Wide Boys in a different class for domestic and smaller acoustic space environments. It is particularly suited to very accurate bass reproduction for both studio and high end domestic audio applications.

Choose your polar response?

The specific cabinet dimensions were chosen for a reason. The cabinet depth has been calculated to enable Wide Boys to be placed back to back. This combination with a 2ms delay applied to the rear driver will now act as a cardioid sub woofer, the benefits of which are described in other sections on this site.


They may also be placed side to side with delay to one cabinet to create a single order gradient sub woofer.


If you require maximum low bass output you can group them together as a simple “monopole” sub woofer, two cabinets providing 2,500 watts of continuous power handling and four will handle 5000watts! Being relatively small compared to traditional designs they can still be easily handled and fit in a small van or even a hatch back! This is an important criteria for certain applications including conference, disco and small live venues?


Single Chamber Aperiodic Sub Woofer with 18” professional driver.
600mm(H) x 550mm(W) x 345mm (D)
Weight: 33Kg
Power Handling: 1250watts cont.
Efficiency: 95.8dB/watt/8 ohms
Impedance: 8 ohms
Response (-6dB): 24Hz* - 180Hz Max

(* The frequency response is quoted with EQ applied, which will always vary depending on application, venue and cabinet configuration. The power handling may reduce when EQ boost is applied. The small cabinet inevitably reduces the natural low frequency extension but also substantially reduces cone excursion and increases power handling. It’s a trade off because nothing in this life is free!)

Price per cabinet: £695 + VAT
Some performance plots



(Standard satin black scuff resistant finish. Other finishes available, please ask)