Read what some of the leading reviewers said about some of David’s designs!

the amount of low bass energy this speaker can produce is astounding..

is up there with the established big boys, ATC, Genelec, PMC and the rest..

Hugh Robjohns optional, I would suggest imperative extra is on site analysis and alignment of the system..

the results were most impressive, exhibiting delicacy and presence conveying the subtle detail..that few boxed loudspeakers can equal

Ivor Humphreys

"there was absolutely no hint of either compression or distortion, just limitless power coupled with lightning speed"

David Allcock

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Peter Mapp article and others, Look here.

If you are a School, Academy, College or University, David Purton would like to offer you a personal and tailor made service to best benefit your faculty and students.


Would you be interested in a two hour taster session which could be an introduction to a range of audio related topics, for instance..

  • The basics of loudspeaker design and how to work in software with Thiele Small
    loudspeaker parameters to create your own designs.

  • If you have a design and technology department, perhaps your students could
    design and build, from computer to finished cabinet, your own first class loud
    speaker..with a bit of help from Sound Right!

  • How to measure the performance of a loudspeaker to include impedance
    measurements, frequency response and gated response using software.

  • How to set up active crossover systems, eq and delays working in DSP.

  • How to develop passive crossover networks for your loudspeaker.

  • How to measure your listening environment to include your present system
    response and reverberation times using readily available software programmes.

Each taster seminar may be developed into a course or number of sessions to work with your students who, like David, have a passion for sound reproduction and loudspeaker design!


Course content and cost would be discussed in detail so as to offer real value in terms of an extra curricular component to your main course structure or practical help and advice for your “sound team”.


This support is not only for those studying sound reproduction and music technology but can be equally rewarding for those involved in creating the sound for you school concerts, perhaps bringing even better sound quality for your parents and patrons?


Emphasis would be placed on a “hands on” practical approach to achieve the required results and will not delve into the relatively complex maths and physics that lie behind much of the software and measurement procedures. This will stay in the domain of your highly qualified teaching staff and the many published papers and web sites that focus on these aspects.


David has college lecturing experience and is CRB checked to permit him to work with students under the age of 18.


Get in touch and find out how David and Sound Right can support you..?