Read what some of the leading reviewers said about some of David’s designs!

the amount of low bass energy this speaker can produce is astounding..

is up there with the established big boys, ATC, Genelec, PMC and the rest..

Hugh Robjohns optional, I would suggest imperative extra is on site analysis and alignment of the system..

the results were most impressive, exhibiting delicacy and presence conveying the subtle detail..that few boxed loudspeakers can equal

Ivor Humphreys

"there was absolutely no hint of either compression or distortion, just limitless power coupled with lightning speed"

David Allcock

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Many enthusiasts and music lovers will have collections of vinyl records or even stacks of 78’s that may bring back cherished memories, if only there was something to play them on!


Sound Right recognises that the music is as important as the equipment and nothing can replace the memories and experience of listening to recorded music.


But lets be honest, we didn’t always keep those “cherished memories” in the form of vinyl or shellac recordings in the best of condition. Some of it may be over 60 years old and it may also be the case that you have no way of retrieving that valuable information from the grooves!

New Record Cleaning Service!

New for 2015, Sound Right introduces a record cleaning service!

Your vinyl records will sound “better than new” after a spin on our wet clean/vacuum dry professional record cleaning machine!

Even new records may still have release agent in the grooves from the pressing plant.

Our process uses gentle solvents or detergents to dissolve  this residue. The vacuum method of drying removes all the debris leaving “just the music”. Due to the delicacy and age of 78 shellac records our cleaning service is not available but digitally restored versions can be created and written to digital media for you..see below.

All cleaned records are immediately placed in new plastic inner sleeves to avoid any contamination. The only thing we can’t remove are scratches and surface damage..for that also see our conversion to digital restoration service  below!

Single items up to whole collections,  private, trade customers and record libraries will all benefit from this service!

If you are in the business of collecting and  selling  records, 7”, 10” and 12” your records will command a much higher price not too mention you will gain the reputation for selling vinyl that shines like the day it was pressed.  As long as there is no surface damage, the  Grading  Ex+   will become  Mint-  after a proper clean?

And if you are a private collector and just love the sound of  vinyl your precious record collection will never have sounded cleaner, ready for you and  future generation to enjoy!

Breathe new life into your vinyl collection, contact  to discuss your cleaning requirements!

Your search is over!

Sound Right has in its armoury of test and replay equipment a beautiful state of the art Thorens TD124 Series 11 with a superb pick up and replay speeds of 16, 33, 45 and 78!
Ortofon Mono 78 cartridges are used for replay of those “old 78’s”!

Let Sound Right bring back those memories with your records restored to CD!

Sympathetically recorded into the digital domain, “restored” in Adobe Audition to minimise the effects of crackle, clicks and pops and written to CD, you will be able to re-visit the listening experiences you had all those years ago! Even the appropriate EQ is applied because there were no RIAA standards in those days!


The majority of 78’s are out of copyright but we need to exercise caution for work more recent!


No different to the “old days” when you could record your album to tape for convenience and your own non commercial purposes, Sound Right will create one copy of more recent work for your own private purposes which you are advised not to share, sell or broadcast!!


Restoration can be time consuming and relative to the size of the task, from a few individual recordings to a collection.


The “degree” of restoration is also valid. Adobe Audition has automatic restoration defaults which may suffice but for more cherished work manually removing the larger clicks and pops may bring greater rewards. This will be quoted for on an individual basis.


As a guide though with Adobe presets default restoration (taking 78’s as an example with 3+ minute per side) you may be looking at £3.00 per side for small volume and £50 per CD containing ten 78 recordings proving you with over an hour of music.


The CD is supplied with a track listing insert and some appropriate artwork cover! Prices include VAT!