Read what some of the leading reviewers said about some of David’s designs!

the amount of low bass energy this speaker can produce is astounding..

is up there with the established big boys, ATC, Genelec, PMC and the rest..

Hugh Robjohns optional, I would suggest imperative extra is on site analysis and alignment of the system..

the results were most impressive, exhibiting delicacy and presence conveying the subtle detail..that few boxed loudspeakers can equal

Ivor Humphreys

"there was absolutely no hint of either compression or distortion, just limitless power coupled with lightning speed"

David Allcock

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Peter Mapp article and others, Look here.

Sound Right sound systems are for business users, conference, schools and churches, clubs and pubs and virtually all fixed installations including amateur and professional sound studios and the dedicated home listener.

If you are not on the list.. you probably should be!!

Services include the following:

* Consultation and system assessment and costing.

* Equipment supply, installation and training.

Sound Right loudspeaker product is designed to be unmatched in performance within their specification and application. This does not negate the recommendation of other products in specific circumstances or if budget restrictions preclude the choice of a full Sound Right loudspeaker product based system.

* All electronics required are supplied by a reputable professional audio dealers and their guarantees and manufacturers’ warranties are passed onto our customer.

* All aspects of Sound Right services, including consultation and system assessment, installation and training are chargeable and will include VAT. All dealer supplied equipment will be passed on at the dealer advertised price and no additional costs are added.

* Sound Right does not undertake any building work, permanent fittings or architectural modifications which may include any electrical wiring but recommendations can be made for companies who are capable of undertaking such work.

* The sound system can be set up and calibrated to optimise it’s performance. This is achieved by taking “gated response” plots and pink noise RTA readings with an accurate measuring microphone.

* Full training may be included in the final quote and every effort will be made to leave the system set up for the user to be able to operate as simply as any traditional audio set up.

Sound equipment can vary in cost dramatically. Many customers will not necessarily be from the sound industry itself and may lack the product knowledge required to make informed decisions as to what is required and how much to pay.


This plot shown above is close to how David likes to leave your system in terms of response. The system here is a pair of Wide Boys sub woofers in Cardioid, the Twins in Gradient and a pair of the DML Panels.

The response is slightly tilted from bass to treble as this is generally considered to produce a more natural sound in room. Note the smooth transition between the crossover points of 75Hz and 450Hz and also how the panels extend to 20Khz with EQ applied. The subs are capable of extending flat to 20Hz but often this may excite unwanted resonances in the room and there is very little in terms of music that will extend that far. Some listeners may disagree in which case, if you have muscle enough power amps... pump up the bass!!

Gated response and Pink Noise RTA plots are taken at different positions and compared before a final response EQ is applied. A gated response removes much of the room interference effect caused by boundary reflections which enables a more accurate EQ to be applied. Of course final listening is done with the most sensitive of equipment... the ears!