Read what some of the leading reviewers said about some of David’s designs!

the amount of low bass energy this speaker can produce is astounding..

is up there with the established big boys, ATC, Genelec, PMC and the rest..

Hugh Robjohns optional, I would suggest imperative extra is on site analysis and alignment of the system..

the results were most impressive, exhibiting delicacy and presence conveying the subtle detail..that few boxed loudspeakers can equal

Ivor Humphreys

"there was absolutely no hint of either compression or distortion, just limitless power coupled with lightning speed"

David Allcock

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Peter Mapp article and others, Look here.

Although plots and graphs won’t tell you exactly how a loudspeaker sounds they are a guide to the performance capability.


The frequency response illustration was created with a calibrated Behringer ECM8000 microphone (placed a metre from the panel) and shows the corrected (digital eq) on axis response.

Software programmes include ARTA, True Audio RTA and DATS for Impedance measurement.


Plots are taken in real time with sweep, “digital chirp” and “gated” pink noise to simulate the loudspeaker’s response without room reflections. Assimilating this information should result in optimum performance for a Sound Right set up system.



The plots are predicted by software analysis and measurements taken from a “real” set up Sound Right system. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed as there will always be small measurement errors. They are however very close indicators of the levels of performance that can be achieved by the range of Sound Right products